SMACK 17: Basic LaTeX (hands-on) 2

Sepideh Eskandarlou, Dr. Mohammad Akhlaghi


In the 16th SMACK, the very basics of LaTeX were introduced; showing how to make a basic document from scratch, set the printable size, inserting images and tables and etc. In this session, we will go into more advanced features that are also commonly helpful when preparing a professional document (while letting you focus on your exciting scientific discovery, and not have to worry about the style of the output). These features include automatically referencing different parts of your document using labels (this allows you to easily shuffle figures, sections or tables), making all references to various parts of your text click-able (greatly simplifying things for your readers), using Macros (to avoid repetition or importing your analysis results automatically), adding bibliography, keeping your LaTeX source, and your top directory clean, and finally using Make to easily automate the production of your document.

Lecture notes:

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SMACK 17: Basic LaTeX (hands-on) 2
Sepideh Eskandarlou
Dr. Mohammad Akhlaghi
Tuesday June 21, 2022 - 12:30 GMT+1  (Online)
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