Research Division Seminar
Chemo-dynamical View of the Milky Way in the era of large surveys

Dr. GyuChul Myeong



Recent advancements in large scale astronomical surveys have introduced a new era for Galactic archaeology. 
The combination of quality astrometric (Gaia) and chemical (e.g., APOGEE, GALAH) data provides us with a rich hyper-dimensional dataset up to ~1.8 billion stars, including the full six-dimensional phase space information and a variety of chemical abundances. 
Coupled with recent computational developments on numerical methods for dynamical analysis, we can construct an effective arena for chemo-dynamical study of our Galaxy. 
Understanding the Galaxy's formation/evolution and the governing physical process will help us to better understand the current LCDM picture in the galactic scale. 
With our chemo-dynamical approach, we study the Galactic assembly history and the origin of Galactic components as well as their associations, which involve a major Galactic merger event that vastly reshaped our Galaxy.