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Friday April 9, 2021
Jorge Quintero


En la presente charla hablaremos de la sobre la actualización que se está llevando a cabo en el software de control del Instrumento Gris de Gregor y como se ha intentado poner en marcha un sistema de integración continua. Además, se comentará la idea de montar un banco polar basado en un sistema de integración continua.


Monday June 13, 2011
Mr. Héctor Canovas
Astronomical Institute Utrecht, the Netherlands


ExPo is an imaging polarimeter that has been built in Utrecht University. ExPo works in the visible, and it combines the dual-beam technique, together with very short exposure times and a high polarization sensitivity. After four successful campaigns at the William Herschel Telescope, we have obtained polarization images of circumstellar environments around T Tau's and Herbig Ae's stars, evolved (post-AGB) stars and planets like Venus and Saturn. Our results prove the utility of imaging polarimetry to characterize faint structures around very different objects. In this talk I will go through the instrument details, and I will show some of our science results.

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