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Stellar dynamics and AGN feedback in elliptical galaxies

Dr. Andrea Negri

October 10th, 2017


I will review my past and current research, mainly focussed on  the interactions between stellar dynamics, hot ISM, AGN feedback, black hole accretion in early-type galaxies. In particular, I have investigated the evolution of the X-ray hot halo and star formation in early type-galaxies, their correlation with galaxy shape and kinematics to explain the X-ray observed under-luminosity of flat objects and fast-rotators,their cold gas content and kinematics. Moreover I studied the effects due to AGN radiative and mechanical feedback, including positive feedback in a large sample of simulated ETGs, and the consequences of the BH sub-grid physics commonly employed in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations. Currently, I am mainly interested in both quasar and radio mode feedback and their effects on BH accretion rate and star formation. At the same time, I am working on the EAGLE and C-EAGLE simulations, studying the evolution of galaxy luminosity function with redshift. Due to large observational community at the Institute, future projects will involve the production of synthetic observations in different bands and spectral signatures from cosmological zoom-in simulations, in order to be compared with real observations.