Instrumentation - I (1/3)

Prof. Phil Charles


Lecture 1: HTRA: history across all wavelengths, with emphasis on space science technology
- From optical photographic to photoelectric photometry at ground-based observatories
- First discoveries in space at X-ray wavelengths, with rockets, then satellite surveys
- Fast timing capabiities of Uhuru, OAO-C, SAS-3, HEAO-1 - all with proportional counters
- X-ray pulsars, bursters
- use of fast timing to provide spatial resolution
- Larger collecting areas of EXOSAT, Ginga revealed QPOs, and (RXTE) MSXPs
- Early detectors for HST, EUVE

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Instrumentation - I (1/3)
Prof. Phil Charles
University of Southampton, UK
Monday November 9, 2015 - 10:45  (Aula)
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