Master Robotic Net

Dr. Vladimir Lipunov


The main goal of the MASTER-Net project is to produce a unique fast sky survey with all sky observed over a single night down to a limiting magnitude of 21. Such a survey will make it possible to address a number of fundamental problems: search for dark energy via the discovery and photometry of supernovae (including SNIa), search for exoplanets, microlensing effects, discovery of minor bodies in the Solar System, and space-junk monitoring. All MASTER telescopes can be guided by alerts, and we plan to observe prompt optical emission from gamma-ray bursts synchronously in several filters and in several polarization planes.

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Master Robotic Net
Dr. Vladimir Lipunov
Moscow State University and Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia
Monday May 17, 2010 - 0:00 GMT+1  (Aula)
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